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About me

I am an educated programmer, however I got an offer in the early stages of my career to become an account manager (sales) at one of the largest email marketing platforms in Europe, and I felt compelled to accept it. I received a solid education in email marketing and got to work at a strategic level with some of Scandinavia's largest brands at a strategic level, helping them to be more relevant and increase their results in their email marketing efforts. My in-depth technical knowledge was very useful in this position.

After my time as an account manager, I continued honing my skills in email marketing, this time as a solution architect at a startup agency in the travel industry. Starting with a white piece of paper, we set up all the processes and sent super-relevant information and offers to the travelers. When seeing the results of these super-targeted campaigns, I instantly knew that this is what I want to continue doing. 

After two years with that agency, having joined in a basement in Copenhagen, I left them in very nice offices in Switzerland to start my own company, KindbergCo (Kindberg Consulting).

Among my long-term clients, we'll find Epteca, eBay, Infront AS, CDON, and Diageo.

Today, I have roughly around 14 years of work-life experience, whereof ten years as a freelancer.

I like being creative and driving part of a team, especially in projects where the result is easily measurable. There are a few occasions where I feel prouder than when a project I've been working on provides vast benefits for the client.

For more information, please read my CV or visit me on LinkedIn.

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Core knowledge

I am initially a programmer with a focus on web development. My primary focus in Microsoft technologies, such as C#.Net & MSSQL. Since 2010, I've got into retention marketing, and having worked at a strategic level with some of Scandinavia’s largest companies as well as being the system architect for a successful company focusing on that area, I feel confident to say that my core knowledge is a mixture of profitable retention marketing strategies as well as a strong technical knowledge.

An added benefit of having a person knowing both IT and marketing is a much easier translation of complex information between the management to marketing- and IT-team.

A brief summary of my core knowledge:

  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Retention marketing strategy, with special focus on email marketing
  • Strong commercial understanding, weighing cost vs quality
  • Automation of marketing, processes, etc
  • Data integrations, data mining and profiling
  • Brainstorming of new functionality as well as the implementation of such
  • Very good knowledge in the travel industry

Making the best use of my knowledge

Having over 14 years work life experience, working with organizations big and small, and in fields ranging from sales & marketing to tech and IT, I would assume I'm best suited in the middle of marketing, sales and tech. Having a strong understanding of all of these stakeholders needs, I would not only facilitate the communication between these, but also suggest and perform the actual implementation single handed.

If you are a small organization, I can be the one go-to-guy for all your needs in this field.

If you are a larger organization, I can facilitate the communication between these three parts, as well as being an integral part of the process.