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About me

In total, I have 16 years of work experience, of which 14 are in programming, about 5 are in email marketing and 8 are related to marketing.

The exciting part of my job is seeing the results of doing the right things at the right time! A quality campaign with targeted information, or the launch of new features that fulfill an important function, that's what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I like being a creative and driving part of a company, either as part of a team or flying solo. There are few occasions when I feel greater professional pride than when the project I worked on shows great results improvements for the customer.

For additional details, please refer to my CV or connect with me on LinkedIn.

CV CV Peter Kindberg - PDF, English

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Core knowledge

Being a blend of an IT developer and a marketer, I believe it's my holistic approach to IT and business needs that sets me apart from most other developers. Given my programming skills, my jobs have always been quite heavy on the technical side, such as data mining, enrichment, and tons and tons of API implementations. 

One notable advantage of my diverse skillset is my ability to seamlessly translate complex information between management, marketing, and IT teams. This dual proficiency streamlines communication and enhances collaboration across diverse teams.

A brief summary of my core knowledge:

  • Specializing in Microsoft technologies - C#.Net, MS SQL, etc
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Retention marketing strategy, with a special focus on email marketing
  • Strong commercial understanding, weighing cost vs quality
  • Automation of marketing, processes, etc
  • Data integrations, data mining, and profiling
  • Brainstorming of new functionality as well as the implementation of such

Making the best use of my knowledge

Having over 14 years work life experience, working with organizations big and small, and in fields ranging from sales & marketing to tech and IT, I would assume I'm best suited in the middle of marketing, sales and tech. Having a strong understanding of all of these stakeholders needs, I would not only facilitate the communication between these, but also suggest and perform the actual implementation single handed.

If you are a small organization, I can be the one go-to-guy for all your needs in this field.

If you are a larger organization, I can facilitate the communication between these three parts, as well as being an integral part of the process.