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Your customers are my focus.

Customer loyalty is among the most important things for companies!

I can work with IT-related projects, big and small, but my niche is in customer loyalty projects through practical and relevant customer communication.

Marketing towards existing customers (retention marketing) is up to 8x as effective compared to always convincing new customers that you are worthy of their time and money. This is because existing customers already tried your service and therefore feel trust and security with you; hence the decision-making process is more natural, and purchase volumes tend to be more significant compared to new customers.
I work on all levels, everything from digging in the databases for profiling information sending communication(s) in a timely and highly relevant fashion. The result is that your customers feel that you care about them, and your profit is returning customers and increased customer loyalty.

The processes I create is usually natural to automate, meaning that when everything is in place, you'll have a free of charge gold miner working for you every day of the week!

Except for this niche, I have an extensive service offering within programming, system architecture, database setup, process/task automation, etc. - usually known as "the boring cost-saving packages."

Umbraco CMS
Web design
Continual services
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Latest news

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Investment opportunity

I'm searching for a young product company to invest in and start a 5-10 year long journey. If you have something good, please get in touch.


Learning something new

I would be happy to learn both Microsoft Dynamic CRM as well as SalesForce a bit better. If you have a project in either of the two, I'll be happy to offer a hefty discount on any time spent in these systems.