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Senior full-stack developer with a commercial focus

Tech meets Finance & Marketing

I'm a commercially driven full-stack developer with a go-to-market approach!

In today's market, standing still means falling behind! My unique background allows me to thrive in everything from the late stages of product development, where a go-to-market plan is spearheaded to finding new revenue streams or expanding on existing ones in mature projects.

Technical prowess

As a full-stack developer, I understand the technologies that drive your business. Whether you need a simple website or a complex system, I'm be able to help!

Holistic approach

In me there are programming, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship! I see the big picture and can propose and implement solutions that are on a whole new level.

Strategic marketing

Utilizing your data, I tailorize campaigns to get closer to your audience and improve their loyality. The result is higher profits and more returning customers.

Commercial focus

Material not used live earns no money. I love to work in an agile approach, meaning short iterations, small deliveries and constantly achieving improvements.

Umbraco CMS
Web design
Maintenance & Retainers
  • Infront AS
    Infront AS
  • CDON
  • eBay
  • Epteca

Latest news

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Investment opportunity

I am looking for good companies where I can work for equity rather than salary. The company should be smaller, and either be in the early commercialization phase or a mature cash cow from which we can extract new revenue opportunities.

I am eager to start a journey over 5-10 years, and I am willing to move geographically.

If you have something good, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Learning something new

I am interested in learning both Episerver and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you have a project where you need a junior competence in this area, alternatively a project where you can grow within the systems, I am willing to shoulder the project at a greatly reduced price. However, you should know that I have no previous experience in these systems, so I should be used as a resource in a team where I also get some coaching and the like to get started.