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Programming & Development

Programming & Development

C#.Net, MVC
JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Are you in need of a highly-skilled developer for your next project? Look no further! With 8 years of experience in backend development and 2 years of system architecture and design patterns, I have the expertise you need to take your project to the next level.

My primary focus is on Microsoft technologies, including C#.Net, MSSQL, and Entity Framework. I specialize in backend development and consider myself a full-stack developer with an emphasis on backend work.

I excel both as a team player and as an independent worker, and I'm well-versed in both SCRUM and KANBAN project management and planning. With my help, you'll have complete visibility over your project from day one.

For a short introduction to KANBAN, click here.



Are you tired of dealing with clunky CMS systems that just don't cut it? Look no further! As a seasoned developer, I have worked with several CMS systems, but only one stands out: Umbraco.

Not only is Umbraco open-source (i.e., free), but it's also the perfect blend of marketing and IT. With its flexibility, extendibility, and easy administration, Umbraco is the go-to system for many small and mid-sized businesses.

Over the years, I have developed numerous API bridges and integrations between Umbraco, TeaCommerce (an e-commerce plugin in Umbraco), and customers' back-office solutions. Some of my high-profile clients, including Infront AS and Diageo, trust Umbraco to power their websites. Plus, even my own website runs on Umbraco!

Let me help you upgrade to Umbraco, or excel in your existing solution. Contact me today to get started!

Umbraco Registered Partner



Looking to supercharge your e-commerce business? Look no further! As a seasoned developer and marketing expert, I can offer everything from technical plugin development to strategic customer profiling to boost your up-sales and cross-sales. And if you're not sure what you need, don't worry - I'm happy to suggest profitable solutions that will take your business to the next level!

For me, e-commerce is like a treasure trove of valuable information just waiting to be mined. By analyzing customer behavior, I can easily create effective cross-sales and up-sales strategies, while also improving customer retention rates.

Get in touch with me directly for a personalized example of how I can help your business thrive. The possibilities are endless when you partner with me!

Marketing Services

Email marketing

Campaign management
Customer segmentation
Data integration and automation
Evaluation of statistics
A/B- / multivariatiant-testning
More advanced concept

Are you struggling to keep your customers engaged and loyal? When done correctly, email marketing is essential for staying in touch with your existing customers and boosting profitability.

Unfortunately, many big corporations fail to utilize the vast amount of customer data to create unique and personalized content for each subscriber. This is one of the many areas I excel in. As a seasoned IT developer, combined with extensive marketing expertise, I can work directly in the database to see what information can be utilized.

I've worked with some of Scandinavia's largest and most well-known organizations, advising on a strategic level and helping companies with ten million+ active subscribers.

I've also developed numerous bridges integrating customer information with various external sources to automate highly relevant emails, saving you time and effort.

Contact me today to take your email marketing strategy to the next level!


Identifying customer groups
Test groups
Goals for various groups

Unlock the full potential of your marketing messages by segmenting your audience!

Segmenting your customers is not only an essential aspect of successful marketing but also a highly lucrative one. By breaking down your customer base into smaller, more manageable groups, you can tailor your messaging and offers to better resonate with each specific audience.

Whether it's geographical, market, demographic, or cultural segmentation, the goal is to understand your customers' unique needs and preferences to deliver targeted and personalized communication.

With the right segmentation strategy in place, you can maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and see a significant boost in customer loyalty and revenue.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your marketing game to the next level and connect with your customers in a more meaningful way!

Through third-party

Web design

Web Design
User Interface Design
Responsive Design

Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Paid Search

Paid Search Strategy
Paid Search Management
Google AdWords
Other PPC Options

Continous Services & Support

Continous services & Retainers

Maintenace & Longer term deals

Looking for a reliable partner who can provide you with high-quality development services month after month? Look no further than my monthly retainer package!

With my retainer package, you'll have access to a skilled and experienced developer who can handle all your development needs, from regular maintenance tasks to complex projects that require a hardcore developer. And because you're reserving a certain amount of our developer's time each month, I can offer you my whole range of services at a reduced rate!

Whether you need a few hours of support each month or want to reserve a larger block of time for bigger projects, I'm here to help. So why wait? Contact me today to learn more about how our retainer package can help you save time and money while getting the expert development services you need!


Web hosting

I have a dedicated server where I offer to place my client’s projects that we create, assuming that the solution does not interfere with the operations of the server.
I do not accept customers who solely wish web hosting on the server.