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What is Umbraco

Umbraco is an intuitive and flexible CMS-system (Content Management System), which can be seen as a bridge between IT, marketers, and management. Umbraco eases the work in all areas:

For developers - A flexible CMS is giving you full freedom. Traditional CMS systems typically require you to do things a specific way or work with plugins that gradually slows the site down. Umbraco is very flexible, and the same operation can be performed in several ways, giving you the freedom to develop a website with precision coding. Combined with an excellent caching system, Umbraco is lightning fast, which proves very beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and overall user experience.
In essence, Umbraco is a shell, and the web site functions are quick to integrate into this. When the features are in place, the content writer adds the content.

For marketers - Between 2015 and 2020, I've demonstrated the system for around 30 coworkers and prospecting clients, and all of them have understood the basic functionality like text editing, adding and removing pages, and lots more within 5 minutes. The creation of custom landing pages for campaigns is done very quickly.

For management - Umbraco has solid user rights management, which restricts certain users to specific areas of the website. This is very handy for publically listed corporations where only a handful of people should be allowed to edit the IR pages.

Fördelar med Umbraco

Benefits of Umbraco

Umbraco is open source - free to use - built on Microsoft .Net technology, which provides a robust server environment. A standard installation offers many powerful tools, including user management, logging, and the ability to create a more straightforward website. You can expand the website into a customized and flexible tool for the organization.

Behind Umbraco, there is a for-profit company. Revenue mostly consists of training, certification, and web hosting solutions for users - but the system itself is open source. It means that the system is continuously evolving.

There is also a strong community of developers who often provide quick answers to even quite complex questions. Umbraco niches itself as "The Friendly CMS," and considering the community, you have to agree.

Umbraco can also be integrated with external systems, for example, to retrieve inventory levels for e-commerce, integration with business systems, CRM, and much more.

Remote or in your office?

If you need a reliable developer on-site, it is possible. I live in Lund, Sweden, but I have worked in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Frankfurt, Paris, London, and Malta - and could also imagine new places in addition to these!

For many customers, it is natural that I work on-site and become integrated into their company and business, just like a regular employee - whether full-time or part-time. Other companies do not need the face-meetings, and remote work is preferred for them. The advantage on your part is that you have a high-performing person who is available when you need it, and who is also outside of Swedish LAS.

Peter Kindberg

Why contact me?

From the beginning, I am a programmer with a focus on web development. My primary focus has always been Microsoft's C # .Net & MSSQL technologies. Since 2010, I have learned a lot about marketing. In 2015, I came in contact with Umbraco, and have since worked with it about 60% of my time since.

The combination of marketing and IT is very strong as I can see and implement solutions that drive sales and increase your profitability!

A quick summary of my core competence:

  • Deep technical competency, of which seven years with Umbraco
  • Marketing strategy - can provide suggestions to improve your revenue.
  • Commercial understanding and keen on weighting quality and cost
  • Automation of marketing, routines, etc
  • Data integration, data mining and customer profiling
  • Strong trade knowledge within travel and finance
    • Would likely prove very strong in an online retail segment

A handful of clients using Umbraco

Infront AS - Discover. Analyze. Trade.
Infront AS - Discover. Analyze. Trade.
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Infront AS - I've supported Infront with a wide array of services, mostly related to their website. The duties range from CRM integrations, trial management, monitoring acquisition, and retention channels to support their sales and marketing team.

Infront is a publically listed company on Oslo Börs, with a stock value of around 1 billion NOK. They are using Umbraco and have several complex integrations to their website.

Nynäshamns bostäder
Nynäshamns bostäder
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Nynäshamns bostäder - Complete redesign of their existing web site, and some implementations to their Umbraco CMS.

Other projects

I've been working as a subcontractor for roughly 2 years with a partner who was working exclusively with Umbraco. As I was the heavy weaponry for backend coding in that team, I did a lot of complex implementations, while their core team focused mostly on usability and web site design.

I'm also sponsoring Lunds Schackklubb (chess club) and ToastMasters Ideon with Umbraco-driven websites and hosting.

This website ( is also driven on Umbraco!

Lets get in touch

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